Operating Results in the Fiscal Year 2017

In the fiscal year 2017, the public and the private organizations which consider TU-RAC a credible and trustworthy Institute commissioned the Institute to implement 271 projects.

In the fiscal year 2017, the Institute’s projects were divided into three main categories: 180 consultancy projects or 66.40% of total project; 27 training programs or 10.00% of total project; and 64 research projects or 23.60%  of total project value. And projects classified according to fields of study are as follows: 143 projects in social science or 52.77 % of total project and 128 projects in science and technology or 47.23 % of total project value.


In the fiscal year 2016, the proportion of project values according to the areas in which TU-RAC registered as a consultancy service provider with the Thai Consultant Database Center, Ministry of Finance, is as follows:  

Remark : Water Supply and Sanitation (WS) Energy (EG) Transportation (TR) Miscellaneous (MS) Environment (EV)
Public Health (HE) Tourism (TO) Population (PO) Urban Development (UD) Telecommunications (TE)
Agriculture and Rural Development (AG) Finance (FI) Construction Industry (CO) Industry (IN) Education (ED)

The Institute started operating on research projects in the fiscal year 1998. There were only 10 chief researchers. At present, there are a total of 352 chief researchers responsible for projects under TU-RAC coordination. Every fiscal year, the number of new researchers under TU-RAC coordination has increased. In the fiscal year 2017, there were 27 new researchers.