Operating Results in the Fiscal Year 2019

          In the fiscal year 2019, the public and the private organizations which consider TU-RAC a credible and trustworthy Institute commissioned the Institute to implement 381 projects.

In the fiscal year 2019, the Institute’s projects were divided into three main categories: 278 consultancy projects or 73.00% of total project; 78 training programs or 20.50%  of total project; and 25 research projects or 6.60% of total project value.

The fiscal year 2019 projects classified according to fields of study are as follows: 243 projects in social science or 52.77% of total project and 138 projects in science and technology or 47.23% of total project value.

In the fiscal year 2019, the proportion of project values according to the areas in which TU-RAC registered as
a consultancy service provider with the Thai Consultant Database Center, Ministry of Finance, is as follows: 16.27%
in Environment Sector 12.86% in Management and Institutional Development Sector 12.34% in Research and Evaluation Sector 9.45% in Information and Communication Technology Sector 7.61% in Building Sector 7.09% in Education Sector 4.72% in Urban Development Sector 3.67% in Law Sector 3.41% in Transportation Sector 3.15% in Health Sector 3.15%
in Industry Sector 2.89% in Energy Sector 2.62% in Finance Sector 2.62% in Agriculture And Rural Development Sector 2.62% in Population Sector 2.36% in Miscellaneous Sector 1.31% in Tourism Sector 1.05% in Public Relations Sector 0.52% in Water Supply And Sanitation Sector and 0.26%  in Quality Standard Sector

The Institute started operating on research projects in the fiscal year 1998. There were only 10 chief researchers. At present, there are a total of 381 chief researchers responsible for projects under TU-RAC coordination. Every fiscal year, the number of new researchers under TU-RAC coordination has increased. In the fiscal year 2019, there were  29 new researchers.