(TH) ประวัติสถาบัน



As the 21st century is the information era, the holds of information could make the advantages to the organization. The major benefit of holding information, both for the government and none-government sectors, is to get them ready to confront changes and bring in the organization’s achievement. Therefore, the successful organization is the one that could access to the accurate information in good time. The research study is one of the crucial

ways to get the information that is accurate, obvious and up to st

andard of the research code. Apart from producing the useful information, the research study can also increase knowledge and enrich the intellect that essential for developing the country.

The Thammasat University, therefore, realizes the value of research study that it will bring the latest knowledge which is important not only for every organization, but also for the university’s key mission

of providing the education service for both the social and public. Consequently, the Thammasat University has set up an institute for research and consult, so called The Thammasat University Research and Consultancy Institute (TU-RAC). The TU-RAC aims to provide service of research management with the active way rather than bureaucrat. Thus, the institute is the sole unit that work on behalf of The Thammasat University in providing the service of research, consultancy and training or seminar for every agencies such as, the government offices, enterprise and private sectors.