The twenty-first century is an age of information and technology. The strengths and weaknesses of any organizations depend on the information they acquire. That is, information is one crucial factor that enables government organizations, state enterprises, and private organizations to effectively adjust themselves to current rapid changes promptly. Therefore, rapid accessibility to reliable information can give organizations the edge over others, making them stronger and more likely to be successful. Research properly conducted according to research methodologies is an important tool for organizations to gain accurate, clear, and reliable information. Research also contributes to the accumulation of information and knowledge necessary for the development of the country.

Thammasat University realizes the significant role of research as a source of new knowledge essential to the progress of organizations. In addition, the university has a strong commitment to provide the academic services to society and various organizations. As a consequence, the university established the Research and Consultancy Institute or TU-RAC which aims at providing research services on the university’s behalf. It is an autonomous Institute, making its operation flexible. TU-RAC is the university’s only Institute that is allowed to provide services in conducting research, consultancy, and seminars and training programs to government organizations, state enterprises, and private organizations on behalf of Thammasat University.


& Consultancy for our happy country
and lovely environment


The Institute’s research projects are implemented by the university’s highly experienced faculty members from various fields of study such as social science and science. These researchers integrate knowledge from different fields and establish new concepts which can be applied to real situations. They have been highly recognized as outstanding researchers in the academic world. This ensures the Institute’s ability to provide services of the highest quality in conducting research, consultancy, and seminars and training programs.


Institute of research administration, research services, research support, promotion of research,                                      consultancy and academic services

Core Values

TU-RAC’s performance is based on the following eight core values
1. Unity
2. Sincerity and Integrity
3. Problem – solving ability
4. Diversity of opinions
5. Achievement-oriented teamwork
6. Expertise
7. Innovation
8. Systematic thinking and decision-making

Key Success Factors (KSFs)

1. Improving a comprehensive information system
2. Promoting personnel’s potential
3. Promoting operational effectiveness

Quality policy

Quality Matters, Always
Assoc. Prof. Witaya Danthamrongkul
Director of TU-RAC


is the primary agency in providing management
services, research, and action.